From Home of the Worlds First Rodeo, PECOS TEXAS. A town with a rich history of notable cowboys is now seeing a PAYASO making the rounds in the southwest comedy circuits. In 2015 Hector started doing stand up comedy in Texas but then moved to Phoenix Arizona in 2017 to pursue comedy. He now can be seen at the Hottest clubs in The Valley of the Sun.

Upcoming Arizona Comedy Shows

Sept 16: Tempe Center for the Arts; Tempe, AZ 7:30pm
Sept 24: Throne Brewing; Phoenix, AZ 8pm
Sept 29: The 1227 Taproom; Phoenix, AZ 7:30pm
Sept 29: The Purple Turtle; Phoenix, AZ 8pm
Oct 4: Pacino’s; East Mesa, AZ 7:30pm
Oct 5: Tempe Improv; Tempe, AZ 7:30pm
Oct 12: Stir Crazy Comedy Club; Glendale, AZ 7pm
Oct 16: Skankfest; Las Vegas, NV
Oct 22: Pirate’s Den; Peoria, AZ 7pm
Nov 1: Pacino’s; East Mesa, AZ 7:30pm
Nov 12: Pizza Fest; Phoenix, AZ
Nov 17: The Perch Brewery; Chandler, AZ 8pm
Nov 19: Pirate’s Den; Peoria, AZ
Nov 26: Throne Brewing; Phoenix, AZ 8pm
Nov 29: Bridgette’s Last Laugh; Phoenix, AZ
Dec 29: Stir Crazy; Glendale, AZ 7pm

Upcoming Shows

December 2022
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